Safety in Numbness


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Sharla LP/CD007


released April 4, 2015

Borko Hadjievski - vokal
Dean Zmejkoski - guitar
Nikola Drvoshanov - bass
Lazar Darkovski - drums

Recorded and mix by Mladen Pavleski
BPM Sound Studio
Mastered by Chris Graham
Art design by Treenick



all rights reserved


SUSIJAT Skopje, Macedonia

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Track Name: Living On A Tree
I’m living on a tree
Hanging on a cloud
Hiding on the moon
Turning off the sky
I’m grinning at your kid
Frowning at your dog
Gnawing on its bone
Feeding on a stone

I’m waiting for the sirens to start
Breaking the day
It’s wearing off like a thought
Wearing off like a thought
It’s distorting my view
When I take the shape of your past
And I never touch on time
I never touch on time
Track Name: P.T.S.D.
I’m the fire, I’m the shadow
I’m the hollow that will swallow
Your desires. Who inspires
All your scars and all your troubles
I’m the fighter, I’m the rider
I’m the giver and the taker
Contemplator, desecrator
Fallen soldier, lost in water

You’re pulling away
like you used to
forgetting your name

Fall in the abyss
like you used to
covered in shame.
Track Name: Pigs
Pigs pigs pigs on the corner of the road
Pigs on the bottom and pigs on the top
Pigs pigs pigs when you walk down the street
Pigs on your neck and pigs in your face

Pigs pigs pigs when you don’t need a thing
Shit shit shit when you want them to be here
Pigs pigs pigs when they come to your home
Pigs pigs pigs and they take you away

Calm your freedom down
Don’t resist our love
Stop bleeding now

Pigs breathing fire burning your flesh
Pigs in blue armour cracking your bones
Pigs fed on fear but frightened themselves
Pigs going home nothing to regret
Track Name: Time To Make A Change
Break the sunrise
Over the dead rain
Close the gates to
My own heaven
Shine the silence
Into my blind eyes
Cover the darkness
Mourn the fallen bodies

Raise the lighter
I can’t see you
Your face is bleeding
On my pillow
Voices echo thoughts are fading
In the rhythm of the other slaves end
Just a few more days
Just a few more weeks
Just a few more months
Just a few more years
Just until I die
Just until I die
I have no other choice
I have to make a change
Track Name: The Hunger Is Real
while waiting outside
we heard them coming back down
on the road that had holes and starved minds

their faces were displaced
outgrowing the unknown
they were no monsters shrieking

there was snow on the trains
and there was snow on the fields
and on the houses the paint was peeling off

before the fallen and wasted
we were safe and sound
it’s over now

sail to the faintest light
cut thru the open sea
let them know what they tasted
place them at your feet

we used all their tears
but we took no pride in what we had to do
we left the past to drown
in the cliff that was
broken before us

we were hungry for a while
but had nothing to eat
Track Name: Rising
Shrink me down to a lie
Cut me up like a knife
An empty plate for my hunger
An empty glass for my thirst
A broken smile for your might
Swallowed tongues and white eyes
Cold gasoline in my throat
Framing a black hole
A desolating cry
A withering mind
One day to be remembered
One day to be a stranger
Scraping for that glimpse of kindness

came to see, where you are
rolled the dice, lost the fight
cut the chain, broke the dam
fix the holes, others grow
said my name, heard the pain
sweeping thru what is left
starved the hope, shot the blank
felt the rain on your face

You’re the fool that waits
the hand that gives, but never takes
Track Name: Speak My Mind
I was awake yet another day
I lost the sense of reality
The floor was shifting beneath my feet
You made me fall and won’t let me be
Thought I would land into your embrace
How wrong was I

Let me speak, my mind
You got me head over heels for you
Let me speak, my mind
I’ve fallen head over heels for you
Let me stay
Let me slave away
Let me slave away
Love to see me fade away
Love to see me fade

I remember your name
Your reassuring face
The firm handshake
When you promised me peace
The mountains that part
And not a chance to lose it all
Not a thing to care for
The future awaits, you said
The future awaits
And then the rain fell
And then roof leaked
And then the house

You only left me the streets to roam
Track Name: No Home
You don’t feel like home
your skin is all wrong
an unfamiliar glow
in your foul brown eyes

and your delicate hair
traps me no more
you speak to me in
inexplicable tongues

I welcomed the night
when it swallowed my eyes
I welcomed the stones
when they covered me whole

I’ve been cut before
stabbed deep in the chest
drained well of my blood
before solitude struck

I needed you
I needed truth
where were you then
where did you go/leave

I welcomed the night
when it swallowed my eyes
I welcomed the stones
when they covered me whole

cold wind blew the trees away
a dark sun over the waning day
my lucidity refused to stay
time slowed to enhance the pain

I needed you
I needed truth
Track Name: Haze
Woven into a spider web
Threads thicken inside the veins
Calculated moves and steps
The purpose already past its end
Head moves only back and forth
A vast sky before blind eyes
Grinding the light into the dust
No recollection of real beauty

Give back the fallen leaves
Try to comprehend their screams
Roll the oak trees up the mountain
Send the wrong world off a cliff
The indecision is a fort
The porcelain solitude a queen
Growing foul by the minute
Unaware of its own speed
Break the bottle
Unwind the black clock
Let the memories flow free
It contains a simple peace
Greets the future unreleased
The combustion of the night is
Carved into the earth
Repossessing the deceit &
Swallowing the sea

No desire to move past it
No desire to forfeit
No wind can tear these knots
Nor untangle the mourning truth
So push the needle
Deeper in the silence
Lead the eyes into the iron sea
Clip the feathers
Benumb the feet
Melt into the haze
Track Name: Martin (feat. Ruben Goswell)
Well fed on punches
can’t breathe without teargas
bones meant to be broken
skin meant to be torn
a home made of fire
of bullets and stones
hands grown into fences
the blood burning holes
voices that shatter
everything goes
what once was anger
and fear now is force
the stones they are roaming
all silence is lost
a choice can’t be made now
too far all has gone
no roads left behind
all bridges ablaze
eyes always bleeding
but strength never lost
a fight so unending
not meant to be won
two sides of a story
oblivious to words
the dream long faded
what matters the most is…